Release Notes

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ENGAGE Release Notes

Release v2.1


  • Avatars
    • Improved facial expressions and animations for My Face avatars

  • Cloud File Manager (Beta) - selected ENTERPRISE clients only
    • As the recipient of a shared file, you can now see the name of the original owner of that file
    • You can now preview video, audio, and image files from the Cloud Files menu before you load them into a session


  • Avatars
    • Improved consistency of skin tones when viewed on different devices
    • Improved avatar clothing, hair, proportions, and walk animations

  • Cloud File Manager (Beta) - selected ENTERPRISE clients only
    • Deleted files in the recycle bin now show the date on which they were deleted
    • You are now notified if you choose to update the details of a file and that update fails. For example, if the update is interrupted by a network issue

  • Content Editor
    • Clones of IFX take the latest position of the IFX that they are cloned from
    • Minor bug fixes for the user interface

  • Enhanced seating system
    • Improvements to the seated position of avatars

  • Locations
    • Improved spawn functionality in locations to ensure avatars are always placed optimally within the spawn zone on entry

  • Security and Performance
    • Important updates and improvements that benefit the stability of the platform


  • Cloud File Manager (Beta) - selected ENTERPRISE clients only
    • Minor bug fixes

  • Content Editor
    • Clones of IFX take the latest position of the IFX that they are cloned from
    • Minor bug fixes for the user interface

  • Enhanced seating system
    • Additional checks are performed on seats to prevent multiple avatars from occupying the same seat

  • Media
    • Tearing and distortion that occurred with some YouTube videos has been rectified
    • If you use a standalone VR headset and share a PowerPoint presentation, the full extent of each slide is now visible

  • Recordings
    • When you view a recording made with a previous version of ENGAGE, the glasses worn by avatars accurately match those worn at the time of recording

  • User Interface
    • The virtual keyboard is no longer displayed in the content menu on desktop devices

  • Voice in Session
    • Audio on Oculus Quest 2 remains unaffected when the location changes within a session
    • The correct microphone is selected on an Android mobile device when you remove and then reinsert headphones

  • Web Application
    • The web app defaults to English when your language preference cannot be determined

Release v2.0.1


  • Avatars
    • Additional improvements to the new system


  • Oculus for Business
    • Resolved deployment issue with Enterprise devices

  • YouTube Videos
    • Fixed display issues with videos occasionally not playing

  • Cloud File Manager (Enterprise Only)
    • Deleting a cloud file in content Editor caused menu to be unusable
    • Other minor bug fixes

  • Avatars
    • Minor bug fixes

  • Media Links
    • UI adjustments for Korean language

  • MacOS
    • Performance alert button not working

  • Translations
    • Minor translation updates to the languages we support

Release v2.0


  • New Avatar System - Version 2.0 of ENGAGE brings an entirely new avatar system built from scratch with many new features and improvements
    • Better tracking, locomotion, and body movement
    • A garment filter system to allow you to quickly find the right clothing for your occasion
    • Additional selections of all types of clothing
    • Enhanced decal options
    • A wide-ranging new color palette selection for all types of apparel
    • Enhanced facial customization
    • Additional hairstyle options, eyebrow styling and color choices
    • New make-up and nail polish range with opacity and gloss option
    • Up to 10 full body avatars on standalone VR devices
    • Mobile avatar preview option
    • A new mirror mode lets you “be” your avatar as you create it
    • New enhanced avatar seating system allowing custom poses and predefined poses for specific apparel types
    • Much more

  • New Locations
    • Hospital
    • Virtual Campus

  • Cloud File Manager - Enterprise Only
    • Users now can save and upload any files to the cloud that are created inside ENGAGE
    • They also can upload and manage multiple types of media files & use them inside an ENGAGE session
    • NOTE – Access to this new beta feature will be limited for initial rollout to approved beta testers only for now


  • Gizmo Feature Enhancement
    • Snap to ground function has an updated interface design with a dedicated snap to ground arrow
    • Increment snapping mode has a magnet mode which provides better increment snapping control for both position and rotation. This can be further fine-tuned with sensitivity controls.
    • Additional input modes allow you to adjust movements using Analog sticks and mouse wheel commands
    • Optimized interaction for better performance and usability

  • Voice In Session
    • System and software upgrades for improved service and stability

  • Security and Performance
    • Important updates and improvements that benefits the stability of the platform

  • Input Field / Native Keyboard Improvements
    • Copying and pasting for iPhone and Android has been improved

  • Content Editor
    • Many small improvements to UX and UI
    • Recording can now be edited to force full body for selected users
    • Several improvements to content and SDK features


  • Recording Playback issues
    • Minor fixes to recording playback issues

  • Voice In Session
    • Several fixes for user voice when connecting and disconnecting during session, losing audio when changing location and when using headphones

  • Whiteboards
    • Fixed issue with whiteboards where they were not visible to some users

  • Media Player
    • A number of issues have been fixed for displaying slides, zooming, media volume and video display issues

Release v1.9.2.3


  • Quest & Quest 2
    • Web browser UI change required which impacted users who had Oculus Firmware v33 applied to their device.

  • VoIP Update
    • Resolves an issue where mic can be lost when switching locations

  • NOTE - this was an Oculus Store & Oculus For Business patch ONLY

Release v1.9.2.2


  • iPhone
    • Input text fields cut and paste issue

  • Events
    • Update to the Ticket Redemption logic
    • Translation Updates

  • NOTE - This is a web and Apple Store patch ONLY

Release v1.9.2.1


  • Events
    • Ability to add Ticket Redemption Codes to an event
    • Translation Updates

  • NOTE - This is a web patch ONLY

Release v1.9.2


  • Oculus Quest 2 Link
    • Fixed issue where application had performance issues when linked to PC

  • Oculus Quest 2 / Pico
    • Fixed intermittent performance & frame rate issues

  • Join Session
    • Fixed regional connection issues experienced by some users

Release v1.9.1


  • Voice in Sessions
    • System and software upgrades for improved service and stability

  • Security Update
    • Further upgrades to sessions security

  • GDPR Compliance Update
    • Minor changes to web app cookie policies

  • Media & Video Links
    • Updated navigation to pagination for performance improvement


  • My Media
    • Fixed issue where web and video links were sometimes non-responsive

  • Avatar Display Name
    • Fixed issue where Korean Characters not displaying as expected

  • Persistent Session
    • Fixed issue where users are occasionally failing to join persistent sessions

  • Recording
    • Fixed issue where Select Others option does not always record all users’ voices

  • Content Editor
    • Minor bugfixes with the timeline editor and interface

Release v1.9


  • Platform Support
    • Apple macOS – ENGAGE is now available to use on various Apple macOS versions
    • Please see the supported devices page for further information.

  • New Devices Supported
    • HTC VIVE Focus 3
    • HTC VIVE PRO 2
    • Pico Neo 3

  • User Preference – Select Microphone
    • PC users in VR and in desktop mode can now select their preferred microphone (audio in) while in session

  • Interaction with buttons in locations
    • It is now possible to interact with buttons in virtual locations when using Android smartphone, Android tablets, iPhones and iPad devices

  • New Locations
    • Throne Room
    • Throne Room
    • Sky Hotel
    • Woodland Campfire
    • Construction Site - PLUS
    • Asian Restaurant - PLUS
    • Paris Meeting Space - PLUS
    • Hospital Camera Demo (Endoscope) - PLUS


  • Voice Chat (VoIP) in Sessions
    • Significant service improvements in particular the quality of sound and echo cancellation

  • Pagination
    • Improved pagination UX/UI on the IFX and locations screens

  • Security & Performance
    • Important updates and improvements that benefits the stability of the platform


  • Deep Links for Events
    • Fixed issues where sometimes deep link did not work on all situations

  • Valve Index
    • Fixed issue where sometimes clicking on streamed websites not working

  • Quest 2 - Wrist Control – Interaction with Notes
    • Fixed issue where sometimes tracking was impeded on Quest 2 when using this feature

  • Video Playback issues
    • Minor fixes to known playback issues

  • PC Screen Resolution Cut Off Issue
    • Fixed UI issue on laptops and PC screens with small resolution or screen size


  • Google Drive Linked Account in My Media
    • From June 30th the option to link your Google Drive in My Media in ENGAGE has been removed
    • This removal of the link account functionality in ENGAGE is due to Google deprecating support for sign in with embedded web browsers, which ENGAGE relies on to provide service for Google Drive and website streaming
    • In addition, this will also restrict the use of using Google to sign-in and link account to other cloud file systems in the My Media service such as Dropbox
    • It is still possible to link your Office365 and Dropbox accounts in the My Media section of ENGAGE
    • Regular website streaming is still possible
    • We recommend using Microsoft OneDrive or Office365 to share presentations and documents where possible

Release v1.8


  • Whiteboard in any session
    • Drop a whiteboard into any session or event now by pressing a button on the wrist controls and from the IFX menu.

  • 3D Pen
    • Users can draw in 3D on any object or in free space within a session or event.

  • Deep Link
    • Receive a link to quickly enter EVENTS. Now available on Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads as well as PC and PCVR platforms

  • Google Play Store
    • available to download from the Google Play Store.

  • French Language
    • Option added.

  • Chinese Traditional Language
    • Option added.

  • Custom Branded IFX Service
    • ENTERPRISE subscribers can rapidly receive a selection of branded IFX and location variants upon request.


  • Sticky Notes
    • Significantly easier to use interface. Can now place sticky note from wrist control.

  • Search Upgrades
    • Easier to use, more targeted searching in IFX, Locations, Video and Web links.

  • Wrist Controls
    • Added options for 3D pen, place a whiteboard and create sticky note for VR users.

  • Content Editor
    • Added undo functions. Many small improvements to UX and UI.

  • Security Improvements
    • Reinforced in many places across the platform.

  • Voice Service (VoIP)
    • Alternative option available for testing upon request for ENTERPRISE.

    • New Logo Splash Images - Updated tagline.
    • Loading sequences - Improved UI.
    • Home Menu – Minor UI layout updates.
    • In Session Menu - Significant UX & UI improvements across all tabs.


  • Voice in Session
    • Several fixes for user voice disconnecting during session, in particular on Quest 2.

  • Languages
    • Added and fixed some missing translations.

  • Load Website
    • Fixed issue when user presses search in a blank search field.

  • Events
    • Fixed issue for password status on mobile web browsers and entering passwords.

  • Keyboard
    • Fixed issue where support for IME keyboards on PC was not working.

Release v1.7


  • iOS Compatible
    • ENGAGE is now available on the Apple App Store and can be run on all modern iPhone and iPad devices. Please note this is beta version and it does not have the full suite of tools and features as provided on other devices such as VR and PC desktop.

  • Deep Link
    • PC users with ENGAGE installed can go directly to an event with a single click from the event web page

  • Mic Control on Wrist
    • User can turn on / off microphone via a wrist control on VR 6Dof devices

  • Mic Control on PC Keyboard
    • PC users can press F1 in their keyboard to turn mic on / off

  • 3D Voice Range
    • Host user can adjust the 3D voice range in the session


  • SSO
    • User can select option to remember this account preference to login next time or not

  • Keyboard for Japanese Language
    • Added support for Kanji and Katakana

  • Content Creator
    • Improvements in performance and minor UX updates

  • Keyboard Cursor
    • Smoother movement when moving the cursor over the keyboard

  • Security & Performance
    • Important updates and improvements to the platform.

  • Chroma key video support
    • Now available for standalone VR devices

  • 3D Audio Falloff setting
    • Improved settings based on feedback per location

  • Recording Playback - 3D Voice Range setting
    • Change the distance which 3D voice is heard

  • Events
    • Improved UX / UI for advanced settings


  • Keyboard Input
    • Fixed issue where keyboard for web browser in ENGAGE stops taking input

  • Emails
    • Register new user body text was updated to be clearer

  • Emails
    • Register verification body text was updated to be clearer.

  • Profile Picture on Login
    • Fixed issue with pixelated edges on the image

  • Event - Saving
    • Fixed issue with saving events without group dropdown set.

  • Event - Unlisted
    • Fixed issue where unlisted group events are not appearing in the group tab list

  • Keyboard & Whiteboard
    • Fixed issue, user could not move the keyboard when whiteboard was active

  • SSO
    • Fixed issue, incorrect and confusing error message when linking accounts

  • Enterprise Admin Portal
    • Fixed issue where persistent sessions quota label was not displaying accurately

  • Registration
    • Fixed issue, users can not have hyphen in surname.

  • Share Desktop
    • Fixed issue, username overlaps description text.

Release v1.6.3


  • Lite User Permissions
    • Can create unlisted sessions only now, not public sessions

  • Start Session Menu
    • Minor updates for improved UX

  • Platform Security & Performance Updates


  • Verification Emails
    • The email was not sending under certain conditions

  • Oculus Quest
    • Tablet menu has been reactivated for this platform

  • Joining a Session
    • Fixed infrequent issue where session does not load

Release v1.6.2


  • Video Playback
    • Fixed stability issue on the PC platform

  • Home Menu
    • Fixed slider Images Panel was sometimes not appearing

  • Share Desktop
    • Fixed checkbox not working for share screen on /off

  • Web Media - PowerPoint Web Presentations on Quest
    • Fixed issue where presentation controls not displaying with OneDrive 365 corporate links
    • Still known issue where OneDrive personal links cannot be used

  • My Account
    • Dropdowns are now scrollable using mouse wheel on PC only mode

  • My Avatar
    • Renaming avatars is now saving correctly

  • Session Name Input
    • Fixed issue with caching old text in entry field

Release v.1.6


  • Create Event – Minor UX updates

  • Persistent Sessions
    • Minor UX updates
    • Add extra users as hosts
    • Turn on/off all users are co-host in virtual session

  • Join Menu - Minor UX Updates

  • Login – show / hide password function added

  • Session Menu – Show session ID to share with other users

  • Multiplayer connection servers - Improved performance and stability


  • Session Name – Updated character limit

  • Translations – Minor fixes in all languages

Release v1.5.1


  • General UI & UX
    • Updated Avatar My Face Loading Indicator
    • Notes- UI Layout Updates
    • My Account Screen - Minor layout improvements
    • Create & Edit Screen - Minor Updates

  • Virtual Keyboard
    • Real keyboard shortcuts available on PC Monitor mode, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All.
    • Various UX & UI fixes

  • Enterprise Admin Portal
    • Admins can use the “role type” column to browse users
    • Various UI & UX tweaks

  • Sticky Notes
    • Now possible to put more text on a sticky note


  • 3D audio
    • Fixed issue with audio popping

  • Webviews
    • Fixed issue when some web pages were zoomed in on certain devices
    • Refresh button fixed on web views for Pico and Smartphone android.

  • Pico Neo 2 Device
    • Crashing issue on login

  • Pico G2 Device
    • Fixed controller mapping and removed unecessary cursor on keyboard

  • YouTube Video
    • Fixed minor issue with videos occasionally not playing on certain devices

  • Translations
    • Minor fixes in German, Chinese & Japanese languages.

  • Login screen
    • Fixed unresponsive settings cog

  • Web Browser in VR
    • Zoom function on web browser in session has been disabled on mobile VR devices due to known issues

  • Keyboard
    • Fixed a number minor issues and inconsistencies

  • My Face
    • Fixed paste URL issues when picture already saved.
    • My Face caught in loop on upload

  • Sticky Notes
    • When no text on sticky note, removed the word “null”
    • Fixed ability to change colour on sticky notes

  • Enterprise Admin Portal
    • Fixed issue when disabling 'Allow create subgroups', which stopped users creating invitations for existing subgroups
    • Fixed user quota inconsistencies

  • Smartphone Android Version
    • Fixed issue where join session list not always available

  • IFX Menu Tags
    • Fixed issue when searching locations & IFX cause the menu to freeze

  • Oculus Quest
    • Fixed issue when session was not available
Release v1.5


  • Sign in with Vive account
  • Users on HTC devices can now sign in and link their ENGAGE account with their HTC Vive account.


  • Improved Performance & Stability.
  • The ENGAGE application has been upgraded in several ways including but not limited to 64-bit architecture for all Android devices, Enterprise level Cloud Server hosting and an all-new Web Viewer.

  • Keyboard
    • The keyboard has been updated both functionally and visually.
    • Move the keyboard around within the virtual environment (In VR and Desktop only)
    • Use two hands to point and type in VR.
    • Chinese Pinyin Keyboard has been added.
    • Japanese Hiragana keyboard has been added.

  • UI & UX Improvements - General
  • The following UI screens have been updated visually and with minor layout and UX tweaks.

    • Home Menu
    • Session Menu
    • Join Session Menu
    • Start Session Menu
    • Events
    • Content Menu
    • Locations Menu
    • Create & Edit Menu
    • My Account
    • Change Password
    • Logout
    • Controls
    • Tutorials Videos Playback
    • Share Web Browser
    • Desktop Sharing
    • My Avatar
    • My Face Settings

  • Client Logo in UI Home Screen Menus
  • ENTERPRISE clients now have the option to place their logo on the main menus of ENGAGE.

  • ENTERPRISE Admin Portal
    • Several minor UI / UX fixes and updates to improve usability.
    • Group Admin and Owner can turn on/off permission for regular members to create group events.
    • Upgraded the UI on how to upload ENTERPRISE group logo and provided a helpful how to guide for styling.
    • Ability to Enable / disable group

  • Content Creator
    • Improvements to the UI / UX layouts for better usability.
    • Many of the main functions such as load / save scene, lesson info, snapshots, locations, triggers, forms, IFX, interactive objects etc are now active in the main editor panel.

  • Languages
  • Japanese has been added to the list of supported languages.

  • Fixes
    • Improved the efficiency of the initial avatar bundle download.
    • Minor language translation fixes in German and Chinese.
    • Minor UI / UX fixes to various screens.
    • Improved web streaming
    • Improved multi-user network stability
Release v1.4.3


  • Content Creator Tool (Beta)
  • The content creator tool empowers users to create more comprehensive VR experiences, lessons and events. It builds on top of and is complementary to the core ENGAGE platform.

    Key highlights for this Beta update include:

    • Addition of a visual timeline for assembling VR content experiences, inspired by leading designs 3D animation and video editing software.
    • More user friendly interface and functionality across all features in the editor.
  • Smartphone & Tablet version, for Android devices (Beta)
  • Users can now download and run ENGAGE on Android Smartphones and Tablets

    • This version of ENGAGE is focused on attending meetings, events and collaborative work sessions.
    • It does not have the full suite of tools and features as provided on other devices such as VR and PC desktop.
    • Compatible devices must use Android 7.1 or higher, have a minimum RAM of 3GB and have internet connection of 10MB download / upload or higher to run ENGAGE.
    • It is recommended to use headphones for this release for best experience.
  • User Functions
  • Users can now do the following inside a session:

    • Raise their hand to get attention.
    • Clap hands to show appreciation.
  • New Languages
    • German
  • Stage Barrier
    • IFX can be placed with colliders turned on, to block users walking onto the stage for important events and sessions.
  • IFX Functions
    • Users can lock IFX in place inside a location in VR.
    • Users can clone IFX inside a VR session.
    • Some IFX have the option to turn on colliders, so avatars cannot walk through them or can stand on them.
    • Users can load an IFX with an Image URL associated and displayed on it.


  • Avatars
    • Avatars now sit more elegantly in seats than prior versions.
    • Avatar does not collapse when headset removed on Oculus devices. It now enters a paused state, with voice output audio muted.
  • ENTERPRISE Client Features
    • Option to hide all public VR sessions inside ENGAGE, only showing VR sessions which are contained privately within the ENTERPRISE group.
    • Option to hide all public VR events inside ENGAGE, only showing events which are contained privately within the ENTERPRISE group.
  • Events
    • Overbooking - Hosts can set an event to have more registrations than the max capacity of users in a VR session in ENGAGE.
      • The max capacity per subscription type still applies, however the guest list is now easier to manage for hosts.
    • Events Guide - An events guide is now available to download at
  • IFX
    • Highlighting IFX is now more natural using point, hover and click interactions in the session for all devices.
    • The visual impact of the spheres is reduced as they are set to default off for all users.
    • Users can show spheres if they hold the "interact" button (Left click on desktop, trigger on most VR controllers).
  • Login
    • Users can save login credentials and login with 1 click instead of entering a password every time.
  • Main Menu
    • New setting to turn off the music which plays in the background on login and main menu.
  • Major UI / UX Updates
    • In VR session menu
    • Registration & Login
    • User Settings in VR
    • Main Menu
    • Join Menu
    • Create Events View
    • Events List
    • Content Menu
    • All menus - Updated size of UI for enhanced readability on all platforms
    • New app icons on all ENGAGE software applications
  • Users List in Session
    • Non-host users in a VR session can now see a list of users within that session.
    • Added a visible microphone volume level indicator when users started speaking.
  • User Management for Hosts
    • Hosts can now mute users, but allow users to un-mute their own microphone.
    • New users joining a session are now muted if the global user setting for the session is set to mute.
    • New users joining a session prevent can be seated automatically, if seat users and seat lock are active in the session. Only applies if there is enough seating in the location.
  • Voice Communication
    • Improved audio for voice communication on all devices.
    • Smartphone is still in Beta, therefore there are still some known issues.
  • Production Stability
    • Improved stability of the ENGAGE platform across many of its web related services


  • Forms and Quizzes
    • Fixed known issues with occassional unresponsive buttons
  • Youtube Video
    • Updated plugins to fix some compatibility issues.
  • Language Translation Updates
    • Minor updates to translations in Korean & Chinese.
Release v1.3.3

New Improvements

  • Avatars
    • Avatars now sit more elegantly in seating.
  • Video Streaming
    • Fixed some issues with YouTube search and playback
    • Optimizations to 2D video resolution and playback performance
  • Teleport Controls in Session
    • Minor UX updates and fixes
  • Recordings
    • Fixed playback issues for certain content and fixed some known issues in certain global regions.
  • Presentations
    • Fixed issues displaying presentations and slideshows.
  • Voice In Sessions
    • Fixed some issues with the mute function in sessions for hosts.

Release v1.3.2

New Features & Improvements

  • In Session User Settings, Actions & Permissions
    • Hosts have improved control over IFX permissions for users in session.
    • It is possible to hide the IFX bubbles in the location from the IFX menu.
    • Hosts can choose to hide or show the display names of users in the session.
    • Hosts and users can turn on a setting to autoshare any IFX placed with others in the session.
    • IFX snapshots are now more secure and restricted.
    • Some UX and UI improvements.
  • Videos & Media
    • It is now possible to play some 360 videos in 4k resolution from the 360 room.
    • Video and Media timers now displaying in hours, minutes and seconds rather than just seconds.
  • Seating Users in Session
    • The host can select individual users to seat, or use an option to seat all users in the session.
    • This works in some locations with suitable seating.
    • It is also possible to lock users to their seats.
  • Summon Users to an area in the Session
    • Hosts can summon all users in a session to an area of interest in the location.
  • Persistent Session
    • Enterprise customers can now set up and manage persistent sessions from the ENGAGE web app.
    • Any IFX, snapshots and sticky notes placed into these sessions will remain in the session locations, even if the user logs out and returns to the session later.
  • Events
    • Some UI and UX improvements to the events system, in particular around the event statuses.
  • Show / Hide Public Content List
    • Enterprise customers can change a setting in their account administration dashboard to show or hide the public content listings inside the ENGAGE application.
  • Whiteboard v2.0
    • Enterprise and PRO users can try out an advanced whiteboard in the Executive Conference Room location inside the ENGAGE application.
    • There are 4 new tools including a pen, brush, eraser and text tool. Each tool has a variety of settings.
    • Users can draw and paint with unlimited color variations and a variety of brush shapes, pen types and sizes.
    • The eraser is just like a pen or a brush now and can be used with greater accuracy.
    • The whiteboard can be cleared with one button.
    • Users can enter and place text strings on the board.

Release v1.2.2

New Features & Improvements

  • End Session Function
    • Hosts of events and standard sessions can now force a session to end by pressing a button. This will return all users to the main menu.
  • IFX Interaction Improvements
    • Users now have IFX permissions set to 'on' by default inside a session.
    • The hover states for interacting with IFX have been improved.
  • Sticky Notes
    • All locations have been updated so that the sticky notes will snap to any whiteboard in the location.
  • YouTube Video Playback
    • Some issues were fixed in relation to certain video types and search functionality.
  • Avatar My Face System
    • Minor Version Updates

Release v1.2

New Features & Improvements

  • New Host Controls
    • Give other users in the session co-host powers, so they can control media, IFX, recording and all other things the Host can do.
    • Remove or ban users from a live session or event.
    • Give other users in a session the ability to set IFX to “Shared”.
  • Sticky Notes
    • Create sticky notes and place them anywhere inside training and experiences. In the lecture hall location, snap these sticky notes to the blackboard.
  • Shared IFX
    • Users can now change a setting on their IFX objects in a location to “Shared”, which allows other users in the session to move, rotate, scale or delete that IFX.
  • IFX – Enhanced Controls
    • Move, position, rotate and scale IFX 3D models with more precision using the advanced control gizmos.
  • Hide IFX user interface in location
    • Setting to turn on or off IFX user interface (Spheres, buttons etc) so users have a more immersive experience.
  • Advanced Recording Controls
    • A selection of advanced options for playing back recordings.
  • Session Settings
    • Increased the max number of users per session from 35 to 50.
    • ENTERPRISE users can now set live sessions to be visible for their Group only.
  • Avatars
    • Updated visual appearance for Android OS devices such as Oculus Quest.
    • Added more uniforms and hair color options.
  • General Fixes and Optimizations
    • Optimized loading speed for many parts of the software, especially on launch.
    • Optimized stability and performance, with a focus on video, networking & memory.

New Content

  • Location – Theatre
    • A grand stage with curtains, controls for lighting, screens and podiums.
  • Location – Courtroom
    • A courtroom for live or recorded legal training and experiences.

Release v1.1.6


  • Events:
    • Embed video into event page description (YouTube and Vimeo support)
    • Upcoming event email reminder for attendees
  • Optimized web links for the iOS Safari browser
  • Optimized video links for Oculus Quest
  • Screen sharing improvements for Oculus Quest
  • And the fixes for some known bugs and security updates

Release v1.1.5


  • NEW locations
  • Option for 3D audio/ Spatial Audio mode
  • Updated the scale of all locations
  • Core performance improvements for PC and Android Devices
  • And the fixes for some known bugs

Please Note:

You can find out how to download the latest version of ENGAGE here.

To find out more about how to use the different features of ENGAGE, check out our tutorials.

If you have any questions about this release, suggestions for new features or if you notice any problems when you update, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]