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Our Partners

ENGAGE is an advanced virtual reality education and training platform that makes it easy to collaborate and learn in VR. It enables educational institutes and businesses to host classes, conferences, private lessons and presentations with people from across the world in a safe & multi-user environment.
Immersive VR Education has gained a reputation for delivering outstanding virtual experiences over its short history such as Apollo 11 VR and Titanic VR. Since 2014, we have collaborated with well known organisations, including the BBC, creating memorable experiences. We believe that people learn through experiences and this is done by creating immersive, memorable moments.

Our Awards

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a simulated experience that places the user in virtual environment that they can interact with. It allows users to visit imaginary worlds or places that may be impossible to visit in real life. There are two key characteristics of virtual reality that make it different: the ability to experience and interact.

This gives the user a sense of complete immersion within the simulation as it involves the senses. It makes it more believable and engaging for the user. This considered, VR has been proven to a powerful resource that can aid conventional learning methods.

Virtual Reality in Education & Training

The benefits of VR in education and training are being discovered. Humans learn by interacting. They derive and retain information from their environment. Virtual reality-based learning provides an immersive teaching method that allows users to interact with environments around them. Memory retention increases when learning through interactivity. Abstract concepts or situations that no longer exist can be experienced through VR, opening up many possibilities that did not previously exist.


  • R. Grossman, MD, FACS, 1st Google Glass Surgeon
    This is a remarkable #VR conferencing platform - Just had my first session in #Engage. Completely blown away! Truly the future of connectivity.
    R. Grossman, MD, FACS, 1st Google Glass Surgeon
    Rafael Grossman - Surgeon, Educator, Healthcare Futurist
  • Steve Bambury
    In June 2017 I made history by becoming the first teacher to ever deliver a professional development session for educators from inside virtual reality. The event was a huge success and I am now hosting sessions on a regular basis. So far educators from over 25 countries have attended the sessions and the numbers are growing fast. All sessions are free to attend and take place inside the ENGAGE platform from Immersive VR Education.
    Steve Bambury
  • Executive Director and Associate Professor of Theatre J.J. Ruscella, M.F.A.
    ENGAGE is going to move us so far beyond our brick and mortar here at Shenandoah. We’re going to have the ability to help companies and entities nationally. Rapid training and retraining of individuals is becoming essential. It’s important to be able to efficiently and cost-effectively train employees in the newest and best practices.
    Executive Director and Associate Professor of Theatre J.J. Ruscella, M.F.A.