1How do I install ENGAGE for PC VR?

The below video shows how to install ENGAGE for PC VR

2How do I install ENGAGE on PC Desktop/Laptop?

First check that your PC Desktop or Laptop meets the minimum requirements which are:

  • Windows Operating System
  • i5 Processer or better
  • 8 GB RAM
  • GTX 970 or better
  • 9GB Disk Space

Next, ensure that you have administrator rights for your PC Desktop or Laptop. If you apply administrator rights, ensure that you restart your machine for these to take effect.

To download, go to

The installer will download and you can click on this to install ENGAGE.

Should you encounter the following error whilst downloading, it means you do not have administrator rights for your machine. You will need to apply administrator rights and restart your machine to install ENGAGE.

Admin Rights
3How do I install ENGAGE on MacOS?

The below video shows how to install ENGAGE for MacOs:

4I had been sideloading ENGAGE onto my Quest, can I just update directly from the Oculus Store now?

If you have been sideloading previous versions of ENGAGE onto your Quest we recommend that you now begin to use to Oculus Store to update ENGAGE. You will need to uninstall previous versions before you update from the Oculus Store. The video below shows you how to do this:

5How do I use ENGAGE with Windows Mixed Reality Devices?

To use ENGAGE with Windows Mixed Reality, you must download SteamVR along with the "Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR" app on SteamVR.

More information on this process can be found at:

6What is the minimum required internet speed to use ENGAGE?

ENGAGE requires at least 4 Mbps of internet upload and 8 Mbps download to function. 

7Can I host meetings in virtual reality locations?

Yes, customers can host meetings in virtual reality locations inside ENGAGE.

Below is a video showcasing how a virtual meeting works in ENGAGE and some of the amazing features which will make meetings more effective in VR, saving your company time and money.

8How do I start a virtual reality meeting inside ENGAGE?

Starting a virtual meeting in ENGAGE is very easy.

  1. Open the ENGAGE application on your desktop and log in.
  2. From the main menu, select “Start Session”.
  3. Choose a location for your meeting.
  4. Select “Yes” when asked if you want others to join you.
  5. Name your meeting. Add a password if you are PRO and would like the meeting to be private.
  6. Press Start

Now you are ready to host your meeting in virtual reality in ENGAGE.

9How do I setup an event or scheduled virtual reality meeting?

Scheduling an event or meeting in ENGAGE is very easy.

  1. Login to the web app at
  2. From the main menu on the left, select “Events”.
  3. In the events page, press “Create Event”.
  4. Add your details such as title, time and date, descriptions, event type etc.
  5. If you want the event to be private, add a password (PRO option only).
  6. Press “Create Event” at the bottom of the screen.

Now your event is listed on the public events list, visible for your ENGAGE users to join.

If you want to invite specific people to your event, see the next question.

10How do I invite people to my event or share information about it?

To invite people to your event, open the web browser app at

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Select “Events” from the menu on the left.
  3. Select the tab “Hosting” on the events page.
  4. Click on your event from the list of events.
  5. Use one of the options to share your event with your attendees. There are options for sharing the event details in the channels listed below.
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
    • Pinterest
    • Reddit
    • Email
  6. There is also an option to add the event to your calendar. From here, you can share the event with your attendees also.
11How many people can I have in a virtual reality location inside ENGAGE?

Currently we recommend a maximum of up to 50 people inside a virtual reality location.

If you need support for group sizes above 50, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

12Can I host private meetings inside ENGAGE?

Yes, it is possible to host private meetings inside ENGAGE. There is an option for PRO or ENTERPRISE customers of ENGAGE to add a password to their meetings and events. This is the best way to make a meeting private.

13Can I host public meetings inside ENGAGE?
Pro and Enterprise users can host public meetings inside ENGAGE. These will then be listed on the 'LIVE' tab so that others can find them easily to join. These sessions can be password protected so that only people with the password can join your session.
14What types of media can I stream inside ENGAGE?

ENGAGE has a selection of virtual presenter screens that allow you to stream in documents and media from OneDrive, Google Docs and Dropbox.

You can stream in PowerPoint, Videos, Audio and a range of different documents using our media playback system. ENGAGE also supports YouTube video playback in 2D, 3D and 360 formats.

Below are videos that demonstrate how to stream videos and show PowerPoint presentations:

15Why am I getting an unsupported message when using desktop sharing on my laptop?

Desktop sharing is currently not supported on some GPU configurations, and these typically tend to be laptops. This is a known issue and we are working to enable support for these GPU configurations.

16Can I watch and share standard videos and YouTube videos inside ENGAGE?

Yes, it is possible to play standard and YouTube videos inside ENGAGE. The system supports YouTube video playback in 2D, 3D and 360 formats.

Some virtual locations in ENGAGE contain a big screen for watching and sharing videos. It is also possible to add as many screens as you like through our IFX menu in the tablet or menu list.

Below is a tutorial demonstrating how to display videos in ENGAGE.

17Can I watch and share 360 videos?

Yes, it is possible to play and share 360 videos inside ENGAGE. In addition, one of the unique features of ENGAGE is the ability to experience 360 videos with other people inside the same virtual session as you. This enhances the experience, as you could have a guide inside the 360 videos with you, such as a trainer or a teacher, or your work colleagues.

Below are some instructions on how to watch 360 Videos inside ENGAGE.

Option 1
From the main menu, select “Start Session”. Then select “360 room” from the list of locations.
This will take you to the 360-location lobby. In this room, there will be a console in front of you with a selection of 360 videos. You can also bring up the menu or tablet to search for and load a 360 video of your choice.

Option 2
While inside a virtual reality location inside ENGAGE, with other people or on your own, open the menu or tablet and select “Media”. Then select “Load Media” and then search for a 360 video on YouTube. Select the option, “3D Video”. Then select “Go”.

Below is a tutorial demonstrating how to display videos in ENGAGE.

Option 3
Open the content menu and select a 360 video from the list of Experiences. This will take you to view it in the 360 room. From here, follow the steps in Option 1.

18Can I display and present documents in virtual rooms inside ENGAGE?

Yes, it is possible to present many types of documents such as those hosted on OneDrive, Google Docs and Dropbox.

Below is a tutorial video explaining how to load presentations:

19Can I upload my own 3D models and 3D locations to use inside ENGAGE?

You can contact the ENGAGE team to request to have your own 3D models and scenes added into ENGAGE at [email protected]. The team will evaluate the request and respond with an answer. This service is usually reserved for paying customers such as Education Institutes and Corporations.

In the future, we aim to provide a system where customers can upload their own 3D models automatically. We will make an announcement on our website when this service is available.

20How do I create and record my own presentations or classes?

It is very easy to record your own presentations inside ENGAGE.
Below is a video that demonstrates how to do this.

21Where are my photos, snapshots, recordings and lessons stored?

To access your photos, snapshots, recordings and lessons, please follow the below guides.

For PC

  1. Open File Explorer or navigate to This PC
  2. From the left navigation navigate to Documents -> ENGAGE
ENGAGE files on PC (Documents)

For Android

  1. Turn on your headset
  2. Connect the headset to your PC
  3. On the headset, select the option to transfer files
  4. Open This PC
  5. Open the device's storage by selecting the device from the Devices and drives section
  6. Navigate to Documents -> ENGAGE

Please see below screenshots for reference.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest - Allow access to data This PC - Quest Quest - Path to ENGAGE

Vive Focus Plus

Vive Focus Plus - Transfer files This PC - Vive Focus Plus
22How can I share recordings with other people?

You can share your recordings using two methods.

Method 1: Play the recording in a live hosted event
If you are hosting a live event or session inside ENGAGE, you can simply play back your locally saved recording to the attendees of your event or session.

Method 2: Share the recording file directly with other people
All ENGAGE recording files are stored in your Documents folder.

For example, the folder path might be something like:




You can share a copy of any recording file by email or other file sharing method with other people who use ENGAGE. Once the other user receives the recording file, they must place it into the corresponding ENGAGE Recordings folder as per the sample file path above.

To play the recording, the other ENGAGE user can simply load it from the “Load Recordings” menu as outlined in the following tutorial.

23Can I upload my own recordings and lessons to the public list?

You can contact the ENGAGE team to request to have your recordings and lessons displayed in the public list or a private list in ENGAGE at [email protected]. The team will evaluate the request and respond with an answer. This service is usually reserved for paying customers such as Education Institutes and Corporations.

24Can I use ENGAGE for simulated training?

ENGAGE provides many tools and content for creating simulated training. Very little technical skills are required. The tools are easy to use, and simulated training can be created in minutes.

Below is a video example.

Features & Tools

Below is a list of the key tools which ENGAGE provides for simulated training:

  • Avatar Creator – Create a custom character for your training.
  • Outfits & Uniforms – Dress up your character in the suitable uniforms for your training profession. There are outfits for medical, commercial airlines and many more.
  • Host live VR meetings – Train people from all over the world in a live hosted VR meeting or workshop.
  • Presentations and Videos – Play your own presentations or videos inside the virtual room. Bring in your current training to your new VR training.
  • Forms, Tests & Quizzes – Create simple tests and quizzes for your trainees and deliver them in VR during your simulated training. Measure their learning success.
  • Recording & Playback – Record everything inside your training, including your own voice, your movement, presentations, your videos, your trainees and what they say and do, your hand movements, acting, questions, answers, interviews, tests and quizzes. These recordings can be played back to trainees afterwards, saving you time and money.
  • Any language – The system records what you say, and you write the forms, tests and quizzes yourself. Therefore, your virtual training will be in whichever language you wish.

The platform has a wide variety of content to use:

  • IFX library – There are over 1200 3D models, special effects and audio effects to available inside ENGAGE.
  • Virtual Locations – Conduct training in a broad range of locations such as in meeting rooms, conference halls, lecture halls, and even on Mars!

Custom Made Content
Our team can provide a service to create bespoke training content for your company. Please contact us for more information at [email protected].

25Can I deliver quizzes, tests and feedback forms inside a virtual room?

Yes, customers can create and deliver quizzes, tests and feedback forms inside virtual locations and meetings inside ENGAGE using our “Forms” feature.

The Form feature is easy to use, empowering customers to create quizzes, tests and feedback forms in minutes. Customers can customize their forms with a range of options, including multiple choice questions, setting marks earned per question and many more.

There is also a results dashboard, where customers can review the scores and answers submitted by people who complete their quizzes, tests and feedback forms.

Customers can create forms on their desktop at or inside the ENGAGE software.

There are two ways to access the Form tool inside ENGAGE.

Option 1

Option 2

  • Open the ENGAGE desktop application.
  • In the main menu select “Create & Edit”.
  • Then select “My Forms”.

Option 3

  • Inside a virtual location in ENGAGE, open the menu or the tablet.
  • From the menu or tablet view, select “Forms”.
26Can I teach languages inside ENGAGE?

The ENGAGE platform has an excellent suite of tools which can be used to teach languages. Students and teachers from all over the world can meet inside ENGAGE to collaborate in live or recorded lessons.

Research indicates that learning languages in VR can be more effective than traditional methods. People feel less self-conscious inside virtual reality, which gives them more confidence to make mistakes as they try to speak and practice learning the language.

It takes minutes to create simple lessons and is very easy to use! Teachers can speak in whichever language they wish and use hand gestures and face to face interactions to support their communication.

There are blackboards and whiteboards inside the virtual rooms, which can be used to write on to support teaching verbs and written language skills.

Videos and presentations can be used to support the teacher in the live and recorded lessons. ENGAGE supports Microsoft PowerPoint (OneDrive) and Google Presentations.

Using the unique VR recording suite inside ENGAGE, teachers and students can record their lessons and play them back later for review or for others to view.

There is a custom form creator for evaluating students. Quizzes, tests and exams can be created to test the students' knowledge during live or recorded lessons.

27Can I display my own artwork in a virtual reality art gallery inside ENGAGE?

Yes - If you have a collection of work you wish to share using a virtual gallery space please contact us at [email protected].

28How much does it cost?

There are several pricing options for ENGAGE. A comparison can be found at the link below.

A basic version for users who wish to try out some of the features of ENGAGE.

A comprehensive feature-rich version, for professionals who would like to communicate, teach and learn in VR. You can see the current pricing for PRO at this page:

A comprehensive, feature rich version for Corporations and Education Institutes.
For more information on this, contact us at [email protected].