Set in 1943 amid the RAF’s bombing campaign on Germany’s industrial centres, Raid on the Ruhr allows players to fly, shoot and bomb their way through the Ruhr Valley, in this retelling of the real mission that helped inspire the Star Wars trench run.

The game/experience features several modes – Story, Infinite and Cinematic. Story mode retells the mission’s final approach on the Mohne Dam, with the player taking on the role of the crew of Lancaster Bomber AJ-J (“J for Johnny”). Gameplay alternates between the pilot, rear gunner, and bomber as they desperately try to stay alive and complete their objective.

The game/experience also features a Cinematic mode, for those interested in purely the historical side of the mission, or more casual users of VR, while two infinite modes allow the player to compete on leader boards to try to stay alive for as long as possible, flying or shooting their way through Nazi Germany.

Immerse yourself in history. Get ready to Raid the Ruhr.

Download available here