Relive the incredible feat of brilliance and skill

In May 1943, the RAF’s Bomber Command began the formation of a new squadron, codenamed Squadron ‘X’. A team of bomber and nightfighter veterans was assembled from every part of the Commonwealth to deliver a very special payload – the brainchild of inventor Barnes Wallis. These airmen have trained in secret for months in low-altitude flying and bombing without knowing their final purpose.

The Target: Three hydroelectric dams deep within the heartland of Industrial Germany.

The Delivery Method: 19 Lancaster Bombers, flying below radar.

The Payload: ‘Upkeep’, a four-ton bomb designed to skim over water like a skipping stone.

Based on Real Events from WW2

Experience first hand the events of the 1943 RAF bombing mission: Operation Chatise.

Explore the Experience in Several Modes

The game/experience features several modes – Story, Infinite and Cinematic

Experience the Bombing of the Mohne Dam

Story mode retells the mission’s final approach on the Mohne Dam, with the player taking on the role of the crew of Lancaster Bomber AJ-J (“J for Johnny”).

Alternate between Gameplay Roles

Gameplay alternates between the pilot, rear gunner, and bomber as they desperately try to stay alive and complete their objective.
  • smn22467 - Steam Customer

    Atmospheric and immersive...

    ...and interactive WW2 dambuster raid that exceeded my expectations. Very well made and challenging with the interactive mode.
    smn22467 - Steam Customer

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