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Create Your Own VR Training and Experiences In Minutes

The ENGAGE platform provides tools which are easy to use, with many features and content built to empower you to create exciting virtual reality experiences such as training. This content can be recorded and distributed to clients and staff to experience and learn at their own pace.

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Features & Tools

Below is a list of the key tools which ENGAGE provides to create world class virtual reality experiences and training

  • Avatar Creator – Create a custom character for your training.
  • Outfits & Uniforms – Dress up your character in the suitable uniforms for your training profession. There are outfits for medical, commercial airlines and many more.
  • Host live VR meetings – Train people from all over the world in a live hosted VR meeting or workshop.
  • Presentations and Videos – Play your own presentations or videos inside the virtual room. Enhance and transform your current training by bringing it into VR delivery format.
  • Forms, Tests & Quizzes – Create simple tests and quizzes for your trainees and deliver them in VR during your simulated training. Measure their learning success.
  • Recording & Playback – Record everything inside your training, including your own voice, your movement, presentations, your videos, your trainees and what they say and do, your hand movements, acting, questions, answers, interviews, tests and quizzes. These recordings can be played back to clients or staff afterwards, saving you time and money.
  • Any language – The system records what you say, and you write the forms, tests and quizzes yourself. Therefore, your virtual training will be in whichever language you wish.

Available Content

The platform has a wide variety of content to use.

  • IFX library - There are over 1200 3D models, special effects and audio effects available inside ENGAGE.
  • Virtual Locations – Conduct training in a broad range of locations such as in meeting rooms, conference halls, lecture halls, and even on Mars!

Custom Made Content

Our team can provide a service to create bespoke training content for your company. Contact us directly to find out more information.