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Titanic VR Kickstarter Launched

Titanic VR Kickstarter Launched

We are excited to announce we have launched our Kickstarter campaign for this project! You can follow our progress and contribute here.


Titanic VR is our newest immersive experience, allowing users to explore the shipwreck of RMS Titanic, and watch the events of 1912 unfold from a survivor’s viewpoint. This experience will be split into two sections, an underwater exploration game, and an historical cinematic experience.


In the first released section, take control of your own submarine and ROV to explore the wreck, and complete various missions and recovery tasks on the dive site. Solve the mystery and learn the history.


The second released section will be the immersive experience, where you will witness key events through the eyes of the survivors. This is an historically accurate recreation of the events, based on eye-witness testimony and substantial research.