Engage Educational Virtual Reality Platform

Engage Virtual Reality Education Platform

ENGAGE is a free-to-use education and presentation platform, that seeks to transform how people share ideas and teach lessons.

Educators will be furnished with the tools they need to enable them to create their own lesson plans and immersive experiences, transforming how educational content is delivered to their students.

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Engage is a multi-user system, allowing up to 30 users into a single private lesson or meeting from any location. We have also developed the ‘Immersive FX’ presenter system, available for users to experience content in an enhanced way. This system allows the host to stream in virtual assets, that are interactive and make presentations and lessons fun and intuitive. You can also change the digital environment instantly, transporting students on a virtual ‘field trip’ to a range of educational locations such as the Martian surface environment or Titanic museum.

Engage also enables businesses to connect in a more intimate way, by accessing virtual meeting rooms and allowing users to collaborate using tools such as our interactive whiteboard system. The Engage platform is also Dropbox and One Drive compatible, meaning you can share all your files and media inside a virtual environment. Power Points, video files, audio files and spreadsheets have never been easier to share. You can even share YouTube videos.

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Engage also allows educators and presenters to record their presentations, so they can edit them later and publish them on the platform for others to view. We call this system ‘Projected Presence’. Projected Presence records their voice, their avatar’s movements/gestures, and any projected media. Users can then sit down and watch their presentation, and if they are happy with the results they can then publish their presentation for the public to enjoy.

Projected Presence can also allow you to be in multiple places at once. If you wish to provide a live speech in more than one room, your avatar can be beamed into multiple rooms  at a time, giving the illusion that you are attending each room personally to talk directly to the users within.

This early preview release of the Engage platform is just a small part of what is to come, as we test out some of our network features and streaming capabilities. We are rapidly developing and updating the system over the coming months, and want to hear from educational institutes, digital content creators and businesses. Contact us if you want to take the next big step in digital media and Engage directly with your clients and students.

Contact: engage-team@immersivevreducation.com


What VR headsets are supported?

Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. GearVR, PlayStation VR and Google Daydream will be supported in one way or another at a future date.

Do I need a VR headset?

No. Engage can also be used on a standard monitor the same as any other software.

What input methods are supported?

HTC Vive controllers, Oculus Touch controllers, Xbox controller and standard Keyboard and Mouse are all supported at this time.

Can I use my Leap controller?

No not at this time.

What type of computer do I need to run Engage?

Any VR compatible PC running windows software will run the Engage platform. If you don’t have VR equipment, then any PC capable of running video games will run this software.

Can I use this on my MAC?

No not at this time.

Can I use more than one VR headset per PC?

No. To run Engage in VR mode you need one PC per VR headset.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use Engage?

Yes, all subjects and media are streamed in over the internet.

What type of download/upload speed do I need?

The Engage platform in general uses very low bandwidth when joining current class’s or meetings. If you are hosting a class or meeting, then bandwidth is used slightly more on your network. If you generally have no problems watching YouTube videos or chatting over skype then your connection speed is fine for Engage.

I can’t seem to join any current classes or none appear in my join window?

Be sure to unblock Engage from any Firewalls you may have on your computer. If you’re running the software for the first time your Windows firewall may give a warning on your desktop display that is not visible in VR. You will need to allow Engage to connect to the internet to join other users.

Can I hold private sessions?

Yes, just click Yes to set a password before you start a room. You will need to share this password to the friends or students you wish to join you inside the platform.

Why do avatars and Audio seem choppy and repeat over and over?

This can be due to low bandwidth. If you are downloading/uploading large files or using torrents, please pause them and see if this resolves the issue.

What files can I stream over the network using Engage?

Engage supports public links from Microsoft One Drive, Dropbox and YouTube. This allows you the freedom to stream most standard formatted files.

Dropbox steaming files supported. Click Here
OneDrive streaming files supported. Click Here

What files are not permitted to stream using Engage?

Pornography, Racist teachings & Extremist religion teachings are not allowed on the Engage platform. Users who break this rule will be banned from using this software.

How do I record create my own lessons/meetings/exhibits for publication?

Please contact engage-team@immersivevreducation.com

Is there any cost involved?

No the Engage platform is completely free to use.