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Engage Education Platform

ENGAGE is a free-to-use education and presentation platform, that seeks to transform how people share ideas and teach lessons.


Educators will be furnished with the tools they need to enable them to create their own lesson plans and immersive experiences, transforming how educational content is delivered to their students.


Engage is an educational platform, giving students and teachers alike the means to communicate in a safe, virtual environment. This multi-user system allows up to 30 users into a single private lesson or meeting, from any location. Teachers are able to stream in virtual assets using the ‘Immersive FX’ presenter tools, and record their lectures with the ‘projected presence’ feature.  Virtual ‘field trips’, interactive whiteboards, and streaming media are all features of this program.



The Learn Show is a new feature within Engage, and offers interesting interviews with experts in a range of topics. From filming to afforestation, anti-aging to consciousness, there is something for everyone. These interviews have been enhanced with virtual assets and environments, to help define and explain issues. We will be adding more content to this feature periodically.


This early release of Engage is just a small part of what is to come, as we test out some of our network features and streaming capabilities. We are rapidly developing and updating the system over the coming months, and want to hear from educational institutes, digital content creators and businesses. Contact us if you want to take the next big step in digital media and Engage directly with your clients and students.


This platform is available for free download from Steam and the Oculus store.


Contact: engage-team@immersivevreducation.com