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About Us

Passionate About What We Do

Immersive VR Education Ltd. are a virtual reality software company dedicated to creating quality educational experiences for all students.


We understand the importance of keeping students interested in learning, and our range of programs provide a safe virtual environment for this to happen.


Our multi-award winning Apollo 11 VR title allows students to live the historical moon landing from start to finish. The Engage platform gives teachers the opportunity to create their own virtual lessons, with intuitive presentation and recording tools, along with social features for students. And our ERVR app, created in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons, puts medical students’ knowledge to the test when dealing with a road incident victim.


Since opening our doors in October 2014 we have moved in leaps and bounds, releasing a range of educational experiences and winning five International awards for Apollo 11 VR. Our current project, Titanic VR, will be no exception. Due to be completed late 2017, this experience lets you explore the shipwreck, and witness the events of 1912 from the eyes of a survivor.


Virtual reality is a new industry, and the benefits in and outside the classroom are only now being discovered. Our vision for the future is to see virtual reality become a staple tool for education, and we will strive to produce quality experiences that demonstrate this.