About Us

We are a virtual/augmented reality software company dedicated to transforming how educational content is delivered and consumed globally by providing educators the tools they need to create their own content in virtual classrooms or virtual training environments.

Since we opened our doors in October 2014, we have released a range of educational experiences and won many international awards for our educational software.

VR / AR is an emerging industry and the benefits of this technology both inside and outside the classroom and other training environments are only now being discovered. Our company’s vision for the future is to see virtual and augmented reality become a staple tool for education and training. We strive to produce quality learning experiences that demonstrate this.

Our technical development team is made up of exceptional individuals who have a wealth of industry knowledge lead by a visionary multi award winning VR director/producer who is passionate about education and technology. Immersive VR Education has gained a reputation for delivering outstanding virtual experiences over its short history and this has allowed our company to work with educators from Oxford University, New Haven University, The Royal College of Surgeons and corporations such as the BBC.